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We Offer the Finest Peanuts in the NW

Northwest Peanut Co. is proud to supply our country with the finest Super Jumbo Virginia peanuts available. From raw to the finest roasted/salted peanut, you will find what you crave for in-shell legumes! With inventory consisting of only in-shell Super Jumbo Virginia’s, we get the best quality, freshness and crunchiness out of our roasted Virginia’s. You won’t be disappointed. Try your own roasting skills with our “Roast Yer Own” raw and raw salted Virginia peanuts. Keep an eye out, we will be adding a select few items to our inventory in the near future! Loaded with nutrients, packed with protein and awesome flavor how can you go wrong with our product?

“We’re keeping it simple here at Northwest Peanut Co., Bringing back America’s favorite snack one peanut at a time!”

~Jeff Mildfelt
A few of our Products

Our Official Peanut Gallery

"Roast Yer Own"

Salted or Raw Virginia Peanuts that you can take home and try roasting yerself.

Roasted Peanuts

Keeping it simple, with an inventory of in-shell Super Jumbo Virginia's.

Select Items

Keep yer eyes peeled for select items coming in the near future!

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Peanuts go with just about everything you can imagine and they're a lot healthier than you might have been told.

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