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My passion for peanuts started when I was a young boy. My father worked as a produce manager for a local grocery store for over 25 years. I can remember Dad bringing home the broken bags of peanuts that were going to be tossed. Not only did I love em,’ but the critters in the mountains couldn’t get enough of em’ when we went camping! I loved and still love to watch the critters run off with a large roasted peanut!! Years later, I was introduced to the best tasting roasted peanut that I have ever eaten. I have had a passion for cooking, bbqing and smoking various types of meats for years. With taking pride in what I cook or what I put on the grill, my food is generally a hit. This is why I was excited about roasting and selling the best roasted peanut available.

John’s passion for peanuts started years ago when he was introduced to fresh roasted peanuts that were roasted right up the road from his residence. He and his buddies would get a few 50lb bags of roasted/salted peanuts from the local fruit stands that sold the product.  I can remember getting an invite to John’s home to hang out with the “guys” and drink beer. Not only did he have ice cold beer, but he had these fresh roasted peanuts! Our friendship/partnership lead from beer and peanuts into renovating homes, helping each other out on projects
and purchasing this company that has been roasting peanuts in the valley for approximately 17 years called “Nuts 4 You” from Mr. Phil Brown. John also is a perfectionist in cooking, bbqing, and processing meat. So his standard is also very high when it comes to providing a food for our friends/family or customers!


A couple years ago in September, I was heading to the Columbia River to
fish for salmon. I always stopped at Fruit City (Union Gap, WA) to grab a few pounds of roasted/salted peanuts to munch on for the adventure. While chatting with the owners, JR. and Lynn St. Aubin, I found out that Phil was hanging the peanut business up and going to retire. So I asked “what are we going to do now”!? Lynn picked up his cell, got Phil’s contact information and then forwarded me his number. JR and Lynn both said they were interested in the company but had zero time in the summer to roast peanuts and take care of both businesses. I did some homework, reached out to Mr. Brown, called John my business partner, and then made the deal! John and I both made a commitment to provide the best tasting roasted peanut available to our customers upon purchasing the company.

“In a nut shell” when we purchased the company from Mr. Phil Brown we
mentioned to him that we were going to expand the business so more people can enjoy the best tasting roasted peanuts. The Yakima and Wenatchee Valley have enjoyed em’ for years, so why can’t everyone else on the planet join us from here on out? With having a passion for roasted peanuts and peanut products, please look forward to new products in the near future.

Thank you for reading about our story and we hope y’all enjoy our product for
years to come!

~Owners, Jeff Mildfelt & John Schwab

High in Protein

At 22-30%, Peanuts are a great source of plant-based protein.

Low in Carbs

The carb content is only 13-15% of a peanut's total weight.


Peanuts contain over 9 essential vitamins & minerals.


Peanuts are as rich in antioxidants as many fruits.

A Mini History of the Peanut

How it came to be such an important part of our lives.

Historically, peanuts were grown throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions. In the US, they didn’t make it big until after the Civil War. Prior to then, growing and harvesting peanuts was slow and difficult. After the Civil War, when development of equipment resulted in increased harvesting, shelling, and processing techniques, making the entire process more palatable to farmers. A rapid demand for peanut oil, which remains one of the primary uses for peanuts, as well as peanut butter and sweets gave rise to a boom in the industry.

Dr. George Washington Carver further expanded the industry, through research he conducted at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. A talented botanist, he proposed that peanuts be used as a rotational crop in cotton-growing areas of the South. In addition to helping the farming industry, Dr. Carver , developed over 300 uses for peanuts including: flour, insulation, paper, soap, lotion, and more.

Today, the peanut industry in America continues to remain strong. NW Peanut Co. LLC is proud to continue the tradition providing delicious peanuts to people.

Products that were developed by George Washington Carver and made available commercially.
Photo Credit: https://www.nps.gov/museum/exhibits/tuskegee/gwcjars1.htm

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