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Our Peanuts

With quality, freshness and crunchiness of our roasted Virginia’s, you won’t be disappointed. Try your own roasting skills with our “Roast Yer Own” raw and raw salted virginia peanuts.

Our Roasted & Salted Extra Large Virginia Peanuts

Stay Tuned!

We will be adding new items to our inventory soon!

Look For Our Labels!

Our peanuts come in Salted/No Salt, Roasted/Raw, & Roast Yer Own, in 12 oz & 2 lb bags.

Allergy Information

Some External Resources to Read & Consider

Am I allergic

to peanuts? Check out the Mayo Clinic's signs and symptoms of a peanut allergy.

Less than 1%

of Americans actually have a peanut allergy, but about 24% think they do.

Early exposure

to peanuts in infancy can help prevent your child from getting a peanut allergy.

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